Posted by: Ms. Matson | May 6, 2009

Hello world! Attempt #2641

So, I thought I’d try this blog thing again.  Every blog I’ve started I’ve sort of lost interest in, or forgotten.  Last month I began reading books again.  That sounds funny.  What I mean is, instead of only reading stuff on the internet, I realized, Hey, I’ve got time; I should read actual books.  So I went to the library and got a bunch, and never looked back.  In April I read 12 books.  Go me.  And I wrote reviews of some of them for my own reference. Today I thought, what the heck, I may as well share them.  Perhaps it’s a desparate attempt to be noticed by someone, or maybe I’m just bored.  Actually, I read the Semicolon blog every now and then, and I’ve always wanted to add a link on her Saturday review, but I’ve never done it.  Maybe now I can.

So here I am.  Please see “about me” for more info about, well, me.


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